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Transparency Initiative Seychelles (TiS)
Project Manager


Seychelles Marine Spatial Plan (SMSP)

Communications Consultant

(A Seychelles-based NGO, advocating for transparency, good governance and transparency)

Managed a EURO300,000 European-Union funded project, ‘Towards Improving Good Governance, Transparency and Accountability in Seychelles’ which were critical years in Seychelles’ political transition after a four-decade long political reign.

  • Developed and executed communication campaigns promoting transparency and integrity.

  • Established good working relationships with public officials, the Anti-Corruption Commission of Seychelles and NGOs with similar mandates.

  • Recruited and assisted consultants (most notable exercises were the proposal of a new approach to the public service set up in Seychelles and reviewing gaps in certain relevant laws).

  • Represented TiS on both regional and international platforms.

(The SMSP is a Seychelles’ government-led exercise, being facilitated by The Nature Conservancy, managing the country’s entire marine resources)

  • Developed new and updated existing communication materials, in line with the SMSP branding – as per TNC guidelines.

  • Reviewed and updated the Plan’s general communication strategy.

  • Developed and designed infographics which translated complex terms into user-friendly visuals.

  • Developed and designed informative general public documents (one-pager and brochure).


Seychelles' Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust (SeyCCAT)

Communications Consultant

(SeyCCAT strategically invests in ocean stakeholders to generate new learning, bold action and sustainable blue prosperity in Seychelles)

Led the communications campaign for ‘The Coastal Wetlands and Climate Change project in Seychelles’, to raise national awareness on the services provided by seagrass meadows. Notable deliveries during the two-year contract included:

  • A national communications campaign to identify and formally integrate a native word for seagrass, using print media, television and radio, podcast, social media and website blogs.

  • Script development for several video productions.

  • Content writing for ‘project seagrass’ blog and panorama solutions case study.

  • Managed all communications for COP26, including press releases, live stories on SeyCCAT’s Instagram and Facebook platforms.


UNDP Seychelles

Communications Consultant

Drafted a communications strategy for the Ministry of Environment in its endeavor to revise and introduce Access and Benefit Sharing policies and laws – a requirement under the Nagoya Protocol.

  • Conducted online surveys and in person interviews with over 20 key stakeholders to provide input for the plan.

  • Designed a 2020 calendar for Seychelles’ University students as an awareness tool on what careers in the country’s genetic resources industry looked like.


The Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA)

Communications Consultant

The Seychelles Parks and Gardens Authority (formerly known as SNPA) is responsible for managing the marine and terrestrial national parks and gardens of Seychelles

Developed and implemented a new communications and marketing plan for the SNPA as it transitioned to financial autonomy.

  • Conducted market research with relevant authorities, tourism partners and clients of the different parks to obtain the necessary information to formulate the plan.

  • Collaborated with a wide spectrum of experts from high level officials to park rangers to develop content for blog writing, website articles and social media posts.

  • Coordinated and organized press coverage for several events.

2022, 2019 and 2018

FINA Open Water

Communications Consultant

Headed the media department for the FINA Open Water events in Seychelles (2022 World Junior Championship and World Series 2019 and 2018.

  • Acted as the focal point for all media queries and updates for media houses on both the local and international fronts.

  • Coordinated all necessary media related events from press conferences to radio and television interviews, prior to and during the events; all according to FINA guidelines and regulations.

  • Ran an extensive social media campaign for each of the events to gain both local and international exposure.



Chief Editor

Turned the dream of having a monthly local lifestyle magazine into a reality through the creation of POTPOURRI magazine. I managed all editorial and advertising aspects of the production which ran from July 2011 to December 2015. Important skills acquired during this dream project were:

  • connecting with an entire country as the popularity of the brand grew over the years.

  • navigating sensitive topics and stories.

  • setting aside personal biases to provide a platform for everyone to ‘safely’ tell their story.

  • realising that there is always a human story to tell.

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