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Issue #54 – and the final one, of POTPOURRI magazine (2015)

Seychelles’ only long-running monthly lifestyle magazine to date.

*Layout, Editorial over-view, Coordination

Inside Seychelles.jpg

Issue #13 of Inside Seychelles (2019)

The quarterly magazine of the Seychelles Tourism Board

*Layout, Graphic Design, Editorial, Coordination


Development Bank of Seychelles (2018)

Commemorative Magazine – 40th Anniversary

*Layout, graphic design, all content & editorial

Celebrate Seychelles.jpg

Seychelles’ National Celebration Committee (2016)

Commemorative newspaper to celebrate 40 years of Independence

*Layout, content, editorial


Seychelles National Park Authority (2019)

Commemorative magazine to celebrate SNPA's 10th anniversary

*Layout, graphic design, editorial, content

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